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Portal devoted to the beautiful, untouched mountain Zlatar and its surroundings.

The idea behind the portal Zlatar.rs

Our and your portal Zlatar.rs is dedicated to one of the oldest parts of Serbia, which abounds with divine natural beauties, of which only one is Zlatar Mountain. The cultural heritage of this region of Serbia and exceptional history are just an additional incentive to visit Zlatar and see for yourself everything you find on our portal.

On the portal you can also find a rich offer of catering services, accommodation and restaurants. Everything you are interested in about events, cultural events, and the rich cultural treasures of this region. As a special part of the portal there is an internet store where you can buy handmade products, authentic for this region of Serbia.

Find the desired service

Using our geo-referenced search engines, find the service, activity, event, or location you are interested in.

Offer accommodation on Zlatar and its surroundings.

Find the appropriate sports activity in the countryside, or locations for the same.

Choose a restaurant, or find an ideal nighttime restaurant.

Find on the map and other services: medical institutions, taxi transportation, car mechanics, towels, info counters, travel agencies ...

Choose a new historically valuable location to visit, from the richer treasury of this region.

In our store find handmade items from this region of Serbia.

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